A True Advocate for You:
Attorney Murad Mohammad

Facing a criminal charge is no small thing.

It puts the accused’s personal freedom and future and so much more in jeopardy. It often leaves him or her feeling paralyzed by fear and anxiety, angry, ashamed, depressed and unable to think clearly or make rational decisions. It is not a good place to be.

If you’re in that place now, I can help.

I am Murad Mohammad, a criminal defense attorney with a practice based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and a decade-long track record of achieving excellent results for people throughout the state of Minnesota.

Putting my best foot forward for you—always.

I leave nothing on the table when it comes to defending my clients and in striving to obtain the best possible outcome in every case. And although I cannot promise a specific result in your case (or any other), I can promise you that I will be tenacious, resourceful and smart when it comes to defending you and protecting your future.

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My criminal defense practice includes both state and federal cases, as well as charges ranging from petty theft and DWI to sexual assault and murder. Call 651.283.5324 or contact me by email today for immediate assistance or simply to schedule a confidential, free initial consultation.